Our perfect place in Sagres

Welcome to the Laundry Lounge, our piece of tranquillity in the world. Our speciality? Create environments, transform energies and maintain good vibes. A good yoga class, washing your clothes while enjoying a good cocktail or coffee, having a healthy lunch with chill vibes after a good surf session, eating freshly homemade sushi and enjoying the live music at night.

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Healthy & Tasty Dishes

vegan friEndly


Discover flavors for every moment

We have 3 very varied & healthy menus, from a good brunch to the best sushi in Sagres.

A large patio to feel the sea breeze, a terrace to feel the sun and a cozy interior.


Sushi Lovers

Healthy Bites

Asian Food

Discover the Real Taste of Sagres

Feed your soul

Wash your clothes as you prefer, ask one of our collaborators for help if you need it, and sit down to enjoy this beautiful vibe of the Laundry Lounge.

Healthy & nutritious plant-based dishes

We have vegan options in all our menus.

Afternoons with funky feelings

Every Friday and Sunday we have live music with guest artists and, in addition, we also have special days when we offer the best concerts. If you are in Sagres and want a different place with a good vibe, Laundry Lounge is your place! Blues music, rock, soul, reggae, bossa nova and many more. Check our live concerts on our social networks!


The journey of the self

Every morning we have Yoga classes on the terrace, to welcome the sun and wake up our body. Booking is not required, they are drop-in classes, if you wake up breathing yoga, here we are.

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