The origin of our Restaurant

In 2017 the idea was born: One of the owners, Juli, was missing a laundromat in Sagres however wanted it to be a little different. Only one year later our Laundry Lounge opened it’s doors, being a place to nurture both your bodies and souls all while doing your laundry. It’s your place for good vibes, great music and special coffee variations as well as healthy food and - of course - laundry machines and dryers. Our team, consisting of over 25 professionals and friends will be more than happy to warmly welcome you with our three menus.


Regional and seasonal products. Selected with love, from us for you.

Every item of our kitchen is hand-picked and carefully selected. We work hard to source premium ingredients and we cook everything from scratch with love.

Effort 100%
Passion 100%

First choice and organic foods


Our specialties




Where We Are

A place with its own charm

If you're hungry, we'll wait for you here to try our perfectly prepared sushi, our unique hummus or our tasty pork. The surprising brownie, some great acai bowls or an attractive yogurt in the Laundry Lounge Sagres in the light of the sunset near the sea will undoubtedly be a memorable memory. We are waiting for you to also try our great coffee, the sensational fruit smoothies or the most refreshing lemonade.

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